Monday, April 14, 2008

This is One Sick Sucker...

And Fox just keeps on paying him. Let them know that too much is too frackin' much!
Tell Bill O'Reilly and Fox News that the homophobic fear-mongering has to stop.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ugly is as Ugly Does....

The story is that when Abraham Lincoln was approached to give an important government job to a particular politically-connected man Abe responded.
"I can't. I don't like his face."
"But Mr. President," the Cabinet member who asked the favor said, "You can't blame a man for his face."
Lincoln replied, "I can if he's over 40."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Tom Brady Mancrush Song...

This is good- not great- but it has some L.O.L. moments (and I couldn't agree more about Tommy's beans and frank).

Friday, December 7, 2007

Is Norm's Posse Just Toooooo Cute for Words?

OK. I admit it. It makes me nervous when I see a photo of a Republican politician surrounded by good lookin' young men.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Does Cesar Chavez Look a Little Light in the Huaraches???

Ya gotta wonder what Cesar wudda thought of this pose. Actually it looks like it should be a rainbow flag on a Gay Day parade float...
Or should we think of it as a Pedro Pan moment?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Doncha Just Love Blonds?

Thanksgiving Day over on Left by Northwest, I posted a YouTube video starring Iowa College Republican Chairboy Benjamin Johnson suggesting that he was gonna drive Log Cabin club members wild. Now we not only have a second video, we have a letter from Benny protesting his heterosexuality. The letter comes to us from Truth Caucus via Wonkette via TowleRoad:


From: “Johnson, Benjamin A”
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 17:41:26

Dear National College Republican Leaders, Chairman and Distinguished officers,

As some of you may or may not have seen, my YouTube interviews have been raising quite a bit of controversy ( and dare I say venomous hatred?) online and in some national media outlets. As my respected colleagues I would just like to personally clarify a few things to you,

1. I am not actually gay, even though the way I dress and talk may betray that fact ever so slightly, ha.
2. Some people are responding angrily in my defense and as I truly appreciate you support please do not stoop to their levels. We are above them in so many ways and I like keeping it that way.
3. Solders in Iraq really do love beef jerky! I have the thank you letters to prove it. I encourage all of you to send them tons of it!

On a small side note, I find it strange that the ever so tolerant and accepting-of-all-lifestyles-Left have no problems calling me every gay-bashing offensive name in the book. Guess it just goes to prove that nothing is offensive or intolerant so long as your insulting a Republican. But none of it bothers me. If I am not hated by the Democrats, I am not doing my job.

Two final quick things,

I am initiating Iowa’s Operation Iraqi Christmas for the fourth year in a row and I would love to encourage all of you to be apart of it. Please visit This site is amazing! It is like a facebook for the US military serving in Iraq, and every solder has their picture up and personal Christmas wish list listed now! It is an incredible way to make an impact in the lives of these armed service men and women who fight for freedom every day. I have my chapters serving about three solders a piece, so Iowa will be sending 91 packages with our CR stickers plastered all over them so the troops know exactly who
is supporting them. I also will be sending a CR poster to every battalion with my email address asking for a thank you picture with our poster, those kind of pictures are priceless for good publicity! Just some Ideas.

Secondly, I would like to encourage all of you to join me for the Iowa Caucuses! Even though actual caucusing is reserved only for Iowa residents, there are plenty of great events going on across the state and I promise you will not be bored, which is rather rare in Iowa. I have the complete schedules of where all the candidates will be speaking during the day as well as VIP invitations from each candidate to their after parties. It would be my honor to have any of you join me for this amazing political experience! So please contact me if your interested!

I just want to say what an honor it has been working amongst such great Americans like yourselves! Thanks for your support and see you all soon!

Benjamin A. Johnson
Iowa Federation of College Republicans